The Grassbuster

The full contact mower cleaning tool with more flexible blade!

See & Feel the Grassbuster Difference!

  • Recover lost Horse Power!
  • Enviromently Friendly
  • No Grass Clumps
  • No more Scraped knuckles!
  • Scrape your Deck
    not your Knuckles!

    Why Grassbuster?

    the grassbuster scraping a deck

    The patented Grassbuster solves a problem for any person who mows grass. It is a serious tool that thoroughly and quickly cleans any lawnmower deck by removing clogged grass. 

    Though sometimes mistaken for a modified putty knife, the Grassbuster is not.  The flexible curved tip conforms to the underside of the deck and will not scratch.  The long stainless steel blade is perfect for cutting through the debris on the mower skirt.  This is a well made tool that is very effective for removing built up grass.

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    Grassbuster is an independently owned United States company based in New Hampshire. We have over 50 years of distributor and retailing experience.
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